Presenting the Heroes of the Church, sung and unsung!

For a Child is Born to Us….

Our Audio Program about the Nativity, “For a Child is Born to Us…” is available for download.   


 Follow the events of the  Infancy of Christ from the revelation to Zechariah about his son John, to the Holy Family’s return to Nazareth.

 Featuring the Voice Talents of:

Ðan O’ Connell
Angel, Nazarene, Soldier, Herod, Merchants

Ðenis Marks
Zechariah, Mohel, Innkeeper, Shepherd, First Magus, Simeon

Marie Ballentine
Announcer, Elizabeth, Anna

Kathleen Ballentine

G.C. Ðavis
Shepherd, Third Magus, Prophet Jeremiah 

Tony Le
Prophets Isaiah and Hosea, Narrator, Second Magus

Armando Romero

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