Quo Vadis Theatre Company

A New Year of Hope

Posted on January 9, 2018 · Posted in General, Show Related

QVTC is hoping to start the year, the 21st of our existence, with a newfound hope and a possibility of a re-staging of “Cha Joe.”   We will shortly be looking at a new venue possibility.  It’s been a hard 5 years since our last stage production, “¡Viva Cristo Rey!,” and two years since our vocal production, “For a Child is Born to Us…”.  At this point, we don’t have the financial resources to do any projects or shows. 

 There are scripts that we have not yet staged, such as “An Act of Reparation” and some are also under development or under revision.   

As you already know, there is now efforts to  translate appropriate lines in “Cha Joe” into Vietnamese.   There are about two or three scenes from Act II remaining with lines awaiting translation.  There have been some wonderful individuals who have stepped up to translate the lines of scenes.   We are planning a work-shopping session to shape it into a presentable show and a sellable script. 

Another script being written is Cathal Gallagher’s new one act, “An Ordinary Jesuit.”

Work on G. C. Davis’ script about the final days of actor Gary Cooper, “God Has Not Shortchanged Me…” will resume as soon as time permits.

We hope to see you in our audience soon!