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 This page describes the News and Events of the Quo Vadis Theatre Company

“Cha Joe” Translation Project Underway:  Act I Complete

Fr. Joe with kids at table in Songkhla campThere has been some translation activity with our “Cha Joe” script.  It is not a total translation, but segments of the script where the Việt language would be appropriate.  In the near future, a former resident of the Children’s Center in the Songkhla Refugee camp in Thailand will be coordinating means to finish Act II with other residents who all knew Fr. Joe Devlin well from his period in Thailand.  We have gotten interest from some theatre companies in the script.  The main reason for the translation is that the previous presentation in 2011 lacked the Việt language.  We are rectifying that situation.   The English language version is now available for sale.   The translation of Act I was the work of the lead actor who appeared in the independent film All About Dad.”   One of the actors from the previousCha Joe performance translated three scenes from Act II.  



Trio of Quo Vadis Actors Set to Appear in “Things My Mother Taught Me”

Three actors who have appeared in previous QVTC productions are appearing in “Things My Mother Taught Me” with the Santa Clara Players.

  • Karie Vaughan, who appeared in “Fiddler in Granby Lane,” “Plunkett” and “I Heard the Bell Toll” is cast as Lydia

  •  Steve Corelis,  from “Margaret of Castello,” ” The Case of Humanity v. Pontius Pilate,” and “¡Viva Cristo Rey!” appears as Wyatt.

  • Appearing as Max will be Marie Ballentine, who appeared in “Margaret of Castello” and voiced in “For a Child is Born to Us…” 

  • Directed by Estelle Piper, who directed “Claude Newman”

Note:  These bulletins are a service on behalf of the actors who have appeared in our previous performances and are in no way an endorsement of the shows or its contents.  Our goal with these bulletins are showcasing these actors’ talents.