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“Cha Joe” Adaptation Project.

“Cha Joe” Adaptation Project

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Fr. Joe with kids at table in Songkhla camp

Certain parts of our “Cha Joe” script is undergoing translation into Vietnamese.   The play will be largely still in English, but a fair amount will be translated into Vietnamese where that language would be appropriate.   The appropriate  lines in Act I has so far been translated in its entirety by one individual Viet-American actor.   Three scenes of Act II have been translated by one of the actors from the “Cha Joe” production that was staged in 2011.  One of the former residents of the Unaccompanied Children’s Center in the Songkhla refugee camp will be taking the lead in getting volunteer translators who were also former residents to get together for a workshop in the near future to complete Act II.  The aim is to get the appropriate lines translated to aid in bringing an authentic feel to the play through their work.   There will be at one point where Act II will be work-shopped for fit.

For those who do not know what work-shopping is, is stage reading the script and re-writing lines for best possible dialogue.  Sometimes it’s even done during rehearsals for the real show, as was the case for the original production.

There will be updated information displayed as the work progresses.

A short list of those who have contributed to the Việtnamese line translation for “Cha Joe”

Maria Nguyễn Hang
Chi Phạm
Kimberly Phương Schieferstein
Linda Lý

After the Board discussion in February, there was possibility that a video version of the script would be produced as well as the stage version, which would be more in English.  The translations would work for the video version since there would be subtitles.  With today’s  video editing programs, it is possible to copy from the script and paste the subtitles into the video as it’s being edited.