Presenting the Heroes of the Church, sung and unsung!

The Quo Vadis Theatre Company always endeavors to bring quality Catholic Theatre to the public.

The Quo Vadis Theatre Company produces plays that depict lasting values with a Catholic view. Its mission is to:

     ⇒ Enlighten
     ⇒ Educate
     ⇒ Enrich
     ⇒ Edify
the viewing audience.

Started in 1995, Quo Vadis Theatre Company’s aim is to:
     ⇒ Express the viewpoint of the Catholic Church
     ⇒ Share the experiences of the Catholic Church

Staging dramatic stories drawn from:
     ⇒ biographical sources.
     ⇒ scriptural sources.

The second aim is to provide a friendly outlet for:
     ⇒ Catholic playwrights
     ⇒ Actors
     ⇒ Other theatre-oriented persons
for their efforts of faith or belief and share our vision.

We firmly intend to bring high-quality theatre without:
     ⇒ Profanity
     ⇒ Vulgarity
     ⇒ Excessive violence

We are now writing and have written new plays about the heroes of the Church:
     ⇒ Sung (Canonized and Beatified)
     ⇒ Unsung (Known but not officially recognized by the Church)

With these dramas, we hope to help audiences better understand the truths of Christ as taught by His Church.

The Quo Vadis Theatre Company always endeavors to bring quality Catholic Theatre to the public.


A promotional that was produced by Scott Smith in 2001 for promoting QVTC to Parishes and groups. Enjoy this gem from the past.

Oliver Plunkett: D. Michael Kane
Brigid Dillon: Karie Vaughan

Charles II Dan O’Connell
Catherine of Braganza: Patricia Cross


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