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Bringing Theatre in a Different Light,  
The Light of Christ! 

The Quo Vadis Theatre Company stage plays that depict lasting values with a Catholic viewpoint, to enlighten, educate and enrich, and edify the viewing audience regardless of ethnic heritage or race.  

Established in 1995, Quo Vadis Theatre Company's is to express the viewpoint and share the experiences of the Catholic Church through theatrical presentation, Using biographical and scriptural dramas

A Priest Talks About Quo Vadis Theatre Company

Fr. Bob Kiefer, a former pastor of St. Frances Cabrini Parish in the Diocese of San Jose, talks about the state of entertainment and Quo Vadis Theatre Company.  These were taken in 2001.
The second aim is to provide Catholic playwrights, actors, and other theatre-oriented persons a friendly place for their efforts of faith or belief and share our vision. We firmly intend to bring high-quality drama without profanity, vulgarity, and excessive violence.

We are currently creating new plays about the heroes of the Church, sung and unsung, which would hopefully bring audiences to better understand the truths of Christ as taught by His Church.



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Last Update April 10, 2014

New QVTC Website Under Construction!

Our new website is now under construction!  It will be mobile friendly and quite easily navigated.

Upon approval by the Board of Directors, it will be launched. Projected Launch Date will be April 27. Divine Mercy Sunday The Board is now testing and giving design feedback at this time.

See the screenshot of the Home Page of the new site on the News & Events page







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