Presenting the Heroes of the Church, sung and unsung!

Who Are We?.

Who Are We?

Catholic men and women who have come together to form a Catholic theater company. We have all been involved in Drama in one capacity or another – Playwrights, Directors, Actors, Stage Technicians.

Questions and Answers

†  Because there are few (That we know of).

†  To put on plays with Catholic Theme or Content

Plays about the Saints, Martyrs, and other heroes of the Catholic faith, sung and unsung, (e.g. Margaret Clitherow, Matt Talbot, Oliver Plunkett, Margaret of Costello, Fr. Joe Ðevlin, Miguel Pro, Malcolm Muggeridge) Some of these plays are being written by our playwrights. Also contemporary plays that explore issues of faith, morality, and humanity.

We believe great theater can shape moral character. We also believe that modern entertainment has contributed to the collapse of spiritual values. We owe it to our young people to do something about it.

† Patrons. We are not eligible for public funds. We rely strictly on private donations.

† Volunteers.  The donation of your talents and time are much appreciated.  Those talents will be put to good use.

 Join us.  Become a sponsor or a patron of the Quo Vadis Theatre Company.
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