Cha Joe at Songhkla

“Cha Joe” Revisions in Progress

Posted on April 14, 2018 · Posted in Cha Joe, Show Related

Cha Joe at SonghklaThe “Cha Joe” script is now in revision for stage and probably video production.   The stage script, will have revisions closer in line with the actual historical accounts of the book “Cha” and the internet essay, The Lives of Father Joe Devlin”  plus accounts of some of the witnesses from Songkhla.

The Video script will differ in that it will have more Vietnamese language in it than the stage version, since it would be likely be subtitled in English.   The English lines would be place underneath in brackets so the Viet editors can copy and past the passages into the film.

The projected completion of revisions for the stage script will be sometime in May.   The video version probably completed by July.