The Final Stretch…

Posted on January 29, 2016 · Posted in General

Needless to say, the surgery saga with my left leg is in its final chapter (hopefully)  I am recuperating at home and and gearing up for our release of “For a Child is Born to Us…” which had to be shelved until I got out of the rehab center.   Some of the QVTC board members visited me at the center and at the hospital.

Also visiting me was a pair of actors from our 2011 production “Cha Joe.”

Needless to say, it lifts and encourages a patient’s spirits.   I did some with the other patients in the center.   Many appreciated the visits.

At this point I am wearing a brace on my leg to keep the hip stable and prevent any actions that would dislocate it.  In a few weeks, it will not be required.